Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum

Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum Review

Nacific’s Fresh Herb Origin Serum is the Korean-skincare brand’s best selling product. It promises to leave you with hydrated, radiant skin and tighter pores. The serum is bi-phase, meaning that the oil and water components of the product separate from each other in the bottle. The two layers are shaken to combine before use. 

I purchased the Fresh Herb Origin Serum to help with hydration after reading many positive reviews of this popular product. This is the second bottle of the product that I have finished.

My Overall Experience

8.5/10. Those with dehydrated or dry skin types will particularly enjoy using the Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum. While I cannot attest to the product’s claims to tighten pores, the bi-phase serum provides a perfect balance of both hydration and moisture! This product was great for the drier winter months.

My skin instantly felt more soft, supple, and deeply hydrated after applying the product. I emphasize the “deep” hydration because not too many products can leave my dehydrated skin so instantly moist and supple as if my skin drank a glass of water itself! The water components absorb into the skin quickly and provide hydration whereas the oil components provide a thin film of moisture to lock the hydration in. 

The product requires a good shake before using to mix the oil and water components. My main annoyance is that despite my best efforts to shake the product well, it is difficult to maintain a nice proportion of water to oil. By the end of using the bottle, I am usually left with too much oil in the bottle! When that happens, the product loses its perfect water and oil balance. it starts to feel heavier on the skin and leaves too much shine for daytime use.

Where To Buy

At the time of writing, the Nacific Fresh Herb Origin serum retails for roughly US$26 for 50ml. Note that prices do vary by retailer:

Key Ingredients

Nacific notes the following as the key ingredients in the Fresh Herb Origin Serum:

  • Aloe Leaf Water – hydrating and anti-inflammatory.
  • Sepicalm – a patented antioxidant ingredient made of a blend of water lily extract and amino acids.
  • Citrus oils – notably lemon peel oil, lime peel oil, and orange peel oil. Nacific notes these oils as part of the oil layer of the product .
  • Meadowfoam seed oil – helps to lock in moisture and soften the skin. This plant oil is highly resistant to oxidization and has potential benefits of helping penetration of ingredients into the skin.

Texture and Scent

The Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum has a very watery consistency. The product spreads and absorbs easily. Note that after application, the product does leave a thin film of oil on the skin to help lock in hydration. As a result, this does leave some shine or glow depending on how you view it. 

The oil component of the product does not feel heavy on the skin unless applied in excess amounts. Be sure to shake the product very well to dispense a good mixture of water and oil! The product has a citrus scent.

How I Use It

Shake the product well before dispensing with the dropper. Nacific recommends dispensing the product into your palm first and then applying it into the face. 

I used the product in the AM and PM. This is a more hydrating and moisturizing product that I mainly used during the drier winter months. For those who prefer a less glowy look during the daytime, I would recommend using this product only in the PM.


The Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum comes in a sturdy, clear plastic bottle and standard dropper. 

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