The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil is a facial oil designed to target blemishes and help keep the skin clear. 

From time to time, I will get an angry breakout that usually takes over my life! As a result, I am always open to trying products that help manage these situations. I purchased this product directly from The Body Shop store to use as a spot treatment on acne flareups. 

My Overall Experience

8.5/10. This is a great product for those who get inflammatory acne. I found that this product works best as a spot treatment when applied during the earlier stages of a breakout. It significantly reduces the size and redness by lowering inflammation. This helps to shorten the overall lifespan of inflamed acne as well as reduce scarring and blemishes. You shouldn’t expect this to be a miracle product though. It can only do so much to help control larger inflamed acne once it’s past its earlier stages. 

I typically prefer using tea tree oil over a BHA-type exfoliant for inflamed type acne as I find it helps manage inflammation better. It is also a bit less drying to my skin when applied on a more frequent basis. On the other hand, I’ve found BHA-type exfoliants to work better for non-inflamed acne.

This is my second empty bottle of The Body Shop’s tea tree oil. It’s great to have bottle handy and a small bottle lasts a long time!

Where To Buy

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is available in two sizes, 10ml or 20ml. You can purchase the product directly from The Body Shop or from Amazon:

Key Ingredients

The main ingredient in this product is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It is a popular and researched ingredient found in many skincare products formulated for blemish or acne-prone skin. 

I asked The Body Shop’s customer service about how concentrated the tea tree oil is but they claimed that it was proprietary information. Little did I know, the information was readily available on their Amazon store page! Based on this, the product has a relatively high tea tree oil concentration of 15%.

I am personally not particularly sensitive to products with alcohol or fragrance. For those who are, you should note that this product’s ingredient list contains both of these ingredients. 

Texture and Scent

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil has a watery consistency. It feels slightly cooling on the skin and dries quickly to leave a slight trace of oil. Its scent is slightly medicinal.

How I Use It

I only use this product as a spot treatment when I have inflamed acne. Shake a drop or two onto your palm and apply with your fingers to the affected area. Alternatively, for a more hygienic application, you can dispense a small amount onto a Q-tip.

I typically use this product daily in the AM/PM until my inflamed acne has died down. Because it does leave a slight trace of oil, I do not use it in the AM if I am wearing makeup. 

The high concentration of tea tree oil can leave your skin dry and irritated if it is applied too frequently. Adjust your frequency of usage based on your own experience!


The product comes in small glass bottle with a plastic cap, similar to packaging used for typical essential oils. 

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