su:m37 Secret Essence Review

su:m37 Secret Essence

su:m37’s Secret Essence is an essence designed to improve moisturize, elasticity, skin tone and texture. As I have written about before, su:m37 is a luxury Korean skincare brand and a pioneer in naturally fermented cosmetics in Korea. The Secret Essence is the brand’s best selling product and features a chock full of fermented ingredients.

I purchased this product at a duty free shop as part of a su:m37 gift set. (Or more accurately, I purchased the gift set mainly to try this product!)


My Overall Experience

10/10. The su:m37 Secret Essence delivers on all its claims and is hands down one of the best essences I have ever used. It feels like my skin just soaks up all the nourishing goodness immediately! 

My skin is instantly softer and more supple when using this product. I find it also helps to soothe my skin and improves the skin tone. The Secret Essence contains a blend of oils, making it quite hydrating for an essence-type product. 

A bottle of the Secret Essence also lasts a long time as a little bit of product goes a long way.

Where To Buy

The su:m37 Secret Essence retails at roughly US$110 for 150ml and can be purchased online from YesStyle.

Note: the product pictured in this post is labeled as “Secret Essence Advanced Sync Program”, which is an older version of the Secret Essence product. su:m37 has recently re-formulated the product and has renamed it to “Secret Essence Fundamental Treatment”. The newer reformulated version includes an additional ingredient called Cyto-Extract, which helps with oxygen retention and improves penetration of the product.

Key Ingredients

The su:m37 Secret Essence (Advanced Sync Program) boasts the following key ingredients:

  • Cytosis – this is su:m37’s patented star ingredient. It is made up of a total of 88 different types of fermented roots, stems, flowers, and seeds!
  • Ferulic Acid – an antioxidant that helps decrease the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

As noted earlier, the reformulated version of the Secret Essence (Fundamental Treatment) includes an additional ingredient called Cyto-Extract.

Texture and Scent

The su:m37 Secret Essence has a more viscous consistency that resembles more of a serum than a typical toner/essence. It spreads and absorbs easily into the skin. 

The product does include essential oils that give it a perfect blend of hydration and moisture. This also lends to its citrus scent that reminds me of yuzu! I personally love the scent of yuzu but those sensitive to essential oils should take note.

How I Use It

I use the su:m37 Secret Essence in the AM and PM, typically after a toner and before a serum. A couple drops yielding a roughly quarter-sized amount in the palm is sufficient for my face.


The Secret Essence comes in a clear, heavy frosted glass bottle with a plastic twist cap. The product itself is gold/champagne in color and dispenses easily from a standard lotion-bottle type opening. 

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